Caleb Ballard

Guitar and Ukulele College Intern

Caleb Ballard is a Guitarist trained in Classical, Contemporary and Jazz styles. Caleb has spent time in Norway, Ohio, Colorado and Illinois. Learning guitar from an early age under his Grandfather, a bluegrass guitarist, Caleb bounced between being self-taught, attending music store lessons and settling at a fingerstyle guitar studio in the woodlands outside Weymouth, Ohio. During that time Caleb explored folk and contemporary guitar music and found himself drawn deeper into the world of classical guitar. Caleb studied classical and jazz guitar at Wheaton College where he studied under Dr. Brian Torosian and Steve Ramsdell. Caleb is also a singer-songwriter, independent producer and church musician. When he’s not playing music, Caleb loves to mountaineer, rockclimb, run and paint.




406 S. Main St.

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Tel: 630-456-1804

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