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Kirstin Erickson

Piano Instructor & Noteable Notes Office Manager

Kirstin Erickson

Kirstin Erickson discovered a deep love of music at an early age. She began playing the piano by ear at 4 years old, listening to her older brother practice and imitating his songs. Kirstin graduated from the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music in 2022, with a Bachelor's of Music with elective studies in Christian Education. While in college, she received honorable mention in the 2020 concerto competition, as well as the Stella Russell Scholarship in Music. She studied piano with Dr. Karin Edwards and Kyle Orth, participated in Women’s Chorale and Symphonic Band, and studied harp with Faye Seeman.

Outside classical piano, Kirstin is passionate about leading worship at her local church and how this role has developed her musically and personally. She loves the opportunity to collaborate, improvise, and turn a performance into an encounter with God. Her experience with the healing and transforming power of music has also led her to post-graduate studies as she pursues a career in music therapy.

Kirstin loves connecting with the emotion and meaning in each piece and communicating it to others. She believes that everyone can create, experience, and enjoy music, and wants to bring the wonderful gift of music to you!

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