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Max Anliker, piano instructor

An accomplished pianist, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and worship leader, Max Anliker is a highly talented and extremely well rounded musician. Max was born and raised in the city of Wheaton, Illinois where he has had the privilege of receiving a classical homeschooled education. 

At age 9, his parents enrolled him in piano lessons at Notable Notes studios. Max gradually discovered his deep passion for music, and he continued his craft throughout high school at Wheaton Academy. Alongside classical piano, Max began pursuing worship leading at Wellspring Alliance church, pop guitar, vocal and choral music, and involvement in musical theatre.

Max has an extensive list of musical accomplishments, including nearly 10 years of piano experience, and 5 years of guitar training including a semester of classical study at Wheaton College. He has completed level 12 of the Achievement in Music program under the Illinois State Music Teacher’s Association, was placed in district and district/state choir in the ILMEA 2017 and 2018 music festivals, was awarded the 2018 Wheaton Academy Senior Choral award, and has received other honors. 

Max currently attends Wheaton College pursuing an Interdisciplinary Studies degree in music and Bible/theology. He hopes to one day work in ministry and utilize music as a unifying art form within the church body. He is very excited about partnering with Notable Notes Studios to train young musicians and equip them to get the most out of their developing musical gifts and interests. 


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