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Robert "El" Arcos

Guitar Instructor

Robert "El" Arcos

El Arcos received his Bachelor’s in Guitar Performance from Northeastern Illinois University. Having

studied privately with Fareed Haque at Northern Illinois University and Brian Torosian at Northeastern

Illinois University, El has a deep appreciation for the strong traditions of Classical Guitar technique and

its marriage between cultures and sounds. Raised in Chicago, El was exposed to the sounds of folk music from around the world and the deep emotional connections those sounds have to the heart. El has attended masterclasses with players such as Oscar Ghighlia, Howard Alden, Anne Waller, Mark Maxwell, Steve Vazquez, Vladislav Blaha, João Luiz and Douglas Lora.

An active musician, El has performed around the Chicago area as well as in Texas in private venues and

for music festivals playing in both solo and group settings in styles such as Classical, Jazz, Rock, Folk,

Mariachi, and more.

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